Bee Aware Month: Sept 2015

28 August 2015

Bee Aware Month 2015 is just around the corner, and as always we're excited to help support our buzzing friends who give us so much.

Bees are instrumental in the creation of approx 1/3 of our food, and over $5 billion worth of our annual economy.  

Worldwide populations have been slashed in recent years due to varroa mites, pesticides and sprays, and lack of food as natural living landscapes are destroyed.  

As we head into spring, let's all take some steps to help these fuzzy heroes! 

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Signs in one of our stores highlight food we wouldn't have without bees 

Learn more

The National Beekeepers Association run Bee Aware Month, and they have great resources on bees, support, and even setting up your own hive!  They have a Give a Little page where you can donate to their care of NZ bees.

The Bee Aware Month facebook page has updates on events around NZ.

Get schools involved

If you're a parent or teacher why not get your local school involved?  Educating our children on the importance of bees and a healthy ecosystem is priceless.  This Bee Aware Month school photo competition is a fun way for kids to discover how awesome and essential bees are.  

Got a garden?

Last year we published tips on how to support bees in your garden using plants they love, and bee-friendly formulations.

The National Beekeepers Association sells tried-and-true bee favourites in their wild flower seed packs.  These are perfect for your garden, or even to make wild flower seed bombs if there's some land near you that could be put to use.

seasonal bee friendly foodA handy planting guide from Wellington City Council

Wellington Events

Wellington City Council has got involved with Bee Aware Month and is supporting events around the city.  Nice one, WCC!


There are lots of great ways to support bees this Bee Aware Month (and every day), but sometimes you just want to literally high-five a bee.  


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