Juicing Made Easy

20 May 2013

Do you juice?  Or do you want to start?

There are a lot of keen juice makers at Commonsense Organics, both staff and customers.  We know and love this delicious way to get a super hit of nutrients - but we also know how much produce you need to haul home to do it!  That's why we created the Juicing Fruit & Vege Box, so you can have a week's worth of organic juice ingredients delivered to your door.  

To set up a standing order simply email deliveries@commonsenseorganics.co.nz


Need to Buy a Juicer?

We have a range available including the top-of-the-line Oscar Juicer.

Why Juice?

Some people want to get daily vitamins and minerals on-the-go, others want to detox, and some want to sneak good food into their kid's diet via these scrummy and colourful drinks.  There are many reasons to start making your own juice!  We stock a number of books on the benefits of juicing which also include scrumptious recipes to get you started.  Ring your local store to check what's available at the moment (we can also order in).

What to Do With Left Over Juicing Pulp

Wondering what to do with the ground-up, juiced fruit and vegetables now you've got the liquid out of them?  Try these ideas:

  • Mix into muffins and cakes
  • Add to broths for soups and grain cooking
  • Stir into burger patties
  • Cook into omelettes for a breakfast of champions
  • Bulk up smoothies with extra fibre
  • Use as sandwich filling with hummus

There are heaps of ways to use it, so get creative and let us know what you do!


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