How Do I Cook That? New Meats: Venison, Goat, Boar & Buffalo

29 August 2014


Here at Commonsense we've been expanding our range of interesting, delicious meats.  We've now got free-roaming venison, goat and boar (all locally hunted) and amazing water buffalo from a company that also produces buffalo cheese.

So how do you cook goat?  What recipes are best for venison?  What do you do with boar?  We've got some great suggestions below so try them out, get creative and have fun in the kitchen!

Note: all of these products are stocked at the Wellington City store but ranges vary at our other shops.  Please ring your local to check availability.  


How to cook venison

Venison is a lean game meat which works well in many cooking styles, and has some interesting traditional recipes as it's long been a hunter's prize.

  • This venison stew recipe is inspired by a Native American Navajo dish.
  • Premium Game (one of our new brands) suggests this recipe for a classic Kiwi hunter's venison hot pot.
  • Venison works wonderfully with sweet/tart sauces.  Try it with a plum or berry sauce, or a fruit chutney.
  • Try these venison goyzas for an Asian starter.
  • We also have venison sausages that require no recipe consideration at all - just fry and enjoy!

How to cook goat

Goat meat is a staple in many areas of the world (Africa, Central/South America) and has many delicacy dishes in other cuisines. 

How to cook boar (wild pig)

In Medieval Times boar was a "beast of venery", belonging to the group of animals considered most noble to hunt.  

In New Zealand it is an introduced pest, eating foods our native species could otherwise flourish on and ploughing up huge amounts of land and native plants.  Hunting helps control the boar population and provides a different addition to your home menu.

  • For boar ribs "slow and low" is the key.  Boar meat is leaner than pork so this helps it come out tender and juicy.  Cooking in an oven or covered BBQ is perfect.  When it comes to ribs every home BBQ captain has a different recipe, but one classic way involves wrapping them in foil with a splash of apple cider vinegar or apple juice to cook for two hours, then unwrapping them and basting with BBQ sauce for another hour or so of cooking.  For an easy addition of smoky flavour add a few drops of this liquid hickory smoke to your BBQ sauce.
  • We also have a boar bacon for an interesting addition to your weekend brunch.

How to cook buffalo

Water buffalo is a very lean and comparatively nutritious meat.  The good people at Whangaripo Buffalo have prepared their products so you don't need to think too much!

  • Giant buffalo sausages cook up quickly and have a lighter, sweeter flavour than beef.
  • The buffalo burger patties are firm staff favourites.  Mixing their fine meat with red wine, herbs and spices, Whangaripo have made a quick-cook and absolutely delicious product. 

Enjoy these new ranges and let us know your favourites.

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