Christmas Gingerbread House Recipe!

12 December 2017

This recipe may seem quite technical, but trust us, it contains everything you need to get your foot on the Gingerbread property ladder. These houses are a great way to keep kids (and adults!) entertained and a delicious treat to enjoy on Christmas day.




250g butter or vegan margarine 
200g dark muscovado sugar
7 tbsp golden syrup
600g plain flour (and a couple of handfuls more for rolling the dough)
2 tsp baking soda
3 tsp ground ginger
3 tsp ground cinnamon


For the decorations:

150g dark chocolate/carob buttons (for the roof slates)
5tsps Ogran No Egg Egg Replacer (or aquafaba, or 1 egg)
5 tbsp Water (or none if you use aquafaba/egg)
500g icing sugar (plus more to use as fake snow)
Candy canes (these look cute and add support to your corners!
Any other lollies you like! 


Equipment needed:

Weighing scales
Piping bag
Oven tray
Rolling pin/bottle
Tray, chopping board or large plate for your base
4 x Full food cans or mugs


1. Set oven to 200C fan, 180 regular.

2. Mix the flour, baking soda, and spices in a large bowl.
3. Melt the butter/margarine, syrup and dark sugar in a pan. 
4. Pour the liquid into the dry ingredients in the larger bowl and mix into a dough. 
5. Pour flour onto a work surface and roll out a large section of dough (around half a cm thick). Then cut a piece out according to the template measurements below.
6. Continue to do this for each wall and roof section. If you have enough left-over dough, you can build another wall for the inside of the house to add extra support when construction begins. Cut any leftover dough into trees, stars, hearts, people, animals or any shapes you like! 
7. Put all sections in the oven on a tray. Set the cooking time for 10 mins, and then check them every minute after that. They don’t need to rise, so don’t worry about opening the oven a bunch of times. Gingerbread tends to go from doughy to burnt in a heartbeat, so keep an eye on them. You’ll know they’re cooked when they are firm to the touch and browning a little round the edges.
8. Leave all sections to cool completely. 


GingerBread Template

The icing:

1. Make up your No Egg mix and pour into a large bowl. If using aquafaba or egg, whisk for 30seconds into a bowl.
2. Sift in the icing sugar and mix. It should become a thick liquid, somewhere in the region of the consistency of pureed potato. Add a tiny bit of water at a time if it is not mixing well.


Roof Gingerbread


*As Christmas tends to be a sunny time in New Zealand, I suggest waiting until the evening/turning on the air-con to ensure the icing hardens and doesn’t melt, or you can put the house straight in the fridge after you construct it.

1. Go back to your template measurements and double check that all of your sections are the right size. Try to trim them as best you can but don’t worry if parts of them are a little wonky.
2. Take a gable end and a side wall and your piping bag. Generously pipe the icing to glue to two together and use food cans at every side to hold it all together. Take your time with this, make sure each wall is stuck before you move on to the next one. 
3. Stick the other side wall on, then the middle support wall, then the second gable wall. Keep as many cans around as you can as these are essential in holding it all together until the icing dries.
4. You can add some candy canes on the corners at this point for some extra support. Stick the chocolate buttons onto the roof as slates and put both roof sections in the fridge. You can leave the house without a roof overnight to ensure the base is solid before attempting to attach it. (Make sure you leave it to dry for at least a couple of hours. The icing keeps well in a lunchbox overnight).
5. When the base is completely dry and solid, attach one roof panel at a time. You can be generous with the icing and use a tin to hold the roof up while the icing dries. 
6. Use the remaining icing to decorate and stick the lollies on as you like! For the snow effect, pour icing sugar slowly (by the teaspoonful) into a sieve over the house and lightly sift the sugar as much as you like.
7. Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a gingerbread house!


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