4 Tips For Perfect Roast Potatoes

23 July 2014

The potato was the first vegetable grown in space.  But did they know how to roast it?

Here at Commonsense we're interested in the big stuff: looking after the earth, trading fairly, keeping our community healthy, and (last but not least) making darn good food.

A very important topic at this time of year is the roasting of potatoes.  But how does one make the perfect roast potato? 


First of all, what makes roast potatoes "perfect"?

Perfect roast potatoes are more than just hot tasty spuds, they're an entire experience: comfort on a winter's night, hearty nourishment for a cold body, and the sharing of a cozy treat with friends and family - or just yourself and a good book ;)

We generally all aim for:

  • Crunchy on the outside
  • Soft and fluffy on the inside

Sounds deceivingly simple, doesn't it?  But we all know it's not.

This is where NZ's Commonwealth heritage shines.  Roasts are a quintessentially British food.  

Roast Potato Recipes

The BBC tell us chunky halves and animal fat is the way to go (which sounds rather decadent).

Delia (classic!) reminds us that while restaurants may disappoint, home can always be a joy.

Jamie provides a starter recipe and a few flavour combo ideas.

Heston gives us a fairly normal recipe, which is rather disappointing (we'd hoped for something involving helium, centrifugal force, and an explosion).

4 Essential Roast Potato Tips

Whether or not you follow a recipe from these respected potato lovers, remember the four core tips below and roast potato happiness will be in your future:

  1. Give yourself lots of potato surface area to crisp up - aim for pieces half the size of a golfball
  2. Boil before you roast (5-10 mins is a good average)
  3. Dry and shake the potatoes in a lidded pot for optimum fluffiness/crispness
  4. Preheat your roasting oil

Happy roasting, and let us know how you go!


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