11 Ways to Use Surplus Fruit and Vegetables

17 January 2014

Do you have an awesome fruit tree or a garden surplus?  If your friends are in the same position and you are all wondering how much more lettuce you can eat.... have a look at our ideas for food sharing in your community.



Preserve like a pro

Preserving is an annual celebration for some and an annual torture for others.  If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen and having jars of treats for months to come, then this is for you. 

It's especially fun with friends.  Invite some over with promises of jams and chutneys in return (and of course a glass of wine once you're done).

  1. Award-winning plum jam recipe

  2. And if you have enough jam, a plum gin recipe!

  3. Freezer zucchini chutney recipe

  4. Marmalade recipe



Another great way to ensure fruit and veges don't go to waste is to spread the bounty

  1. Give it away to your neighbours

  2. Don’t know your neighbours? Put a box by your front gate with a ‘help yourself’ sign. It's a great way to get to know them!

  3. Take it to the soup kitchen run by the Sisters of Compassion

  4. Give it to your local Foodbank

  5. Give it to Women’s Refuge

  6. Give it to your local SPCA or the Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary

  7. Get in touch with Community Fruit Wellington for help picking all your fruit and sharing it with charity


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