New In Store: Cricket Flour!

7 June 2016

We are very excited to announce that we now stock Live Longer cricket flour - a certified organic, sustainable source of protein made entirely of crickets!

Live longer cricket powder

Don't freak out!

The idea of eating bugs isn't that weird; it's estimated that insects feature in the traditional diets of over 2 billion people worldwide, and over 1900 different species of insect have been used as food. But what is new is the idea of incorporating edible insects into our diets as a method of creating a sustainable future for planet Earth.

How much better for the planet is it really?

In a report completed by the United Nations in 2013, it was discovered that if edible insects became a part of the global diet, we could reduce greenhouse gases by 18%. The reason why insects like crickets are so sustainable to farm is their high 'feed conversion efficiency' - in comparison to cows, which need 10kg of feed and 8530 litres of water to make 1 kg of protein (and produce 2,850g of CO2 while doing so), crickets need only 1.7 kg of feed and 8 litres of water to make 1 kg of protein (and produce only 2g of CO2 while doing so). A family of four could save the planet 650,000 litres of water every year simply by substituting cricket protein into one meal each week!

It's also very nutritious - one serving (7.5g) of this cricket powder contains 5.2g of protein. The cricket powder is also an excellent source of calcium, iron, fibre, Vitamin B12 and Essential Amino Acids.


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Uenuku from our Kilbirnie store is pretty stoked to have cricket flour on the shelves. 


Where do the crickets come from?

The crickets in Live Longer cricket powder are farmed at the world's only certified organic cricket farm - Entomo Farms in Canada. Entomo uses ethical farming methods to try to ensure that their crickets are as happy as possible. The crickets are euthanized using freezing methods; allowing the bugs to hibernate while their nervous systems shut down. 

 So how is it supposed to be eaten?

One of the great things about cricket flour is its versatility - it can be added to cakes, snack balls or bars but is also great in savoury meals, as an addition to soups, casseroles or fritters. 

For a sweet treat - why not try making these Live Longer Raw Orange and Chocolate Tarts? You can also very easily incorporate the powder into your morning porridge. Or if you're looking for dinner ideas, you can try using the cricket powder in this gluten free pizza crust. The opportunities are endless - the manager of our Kapiti store, Jeanette, added the powder to her meatballs for an extra kick of protein, and said they were "YUMMM."


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Kapiti Manager Jeanette's mince and cricket meatballs.