Ask Teva: 8 Easy Wine Picks for Vino Rookies

31 March 2017

Wine: either you LOVE it, or you know hardly anything about it. So what do you do if you’re in the second category, and you're heading to dinner with the in-laws or going to a BYO date with someone you'd really like to impress?  You have two choices. You can either (a) pray to the gods of organics (Ceres or Demeter would be good options) and take a lucky dip in the wine aisle, or (b) ask one of our friendly staff for suggestions. 

We've took option (b) and asked Teva, our Merchandise Manager and resident wine hotshot, for some simple tips on tipples that will make everyone happy. As always, please enjoy in moderation. 


Photo of Teva, in our Wellington City store, holding a bottle of wine

Teva with his pick of the bunch, Richmond Plains' Blanc de Noir 


Red wine is made from red grape varieties, with the grape skins steeped in the wine liquor. The longer the steep, the redder the wine. Grape skins contain tannins (also found in tea), which give red wine it’s body, layers and astringency: that ‘clicky’ mouth feel. These two reds are delicious with food, or imbibed straight on the sofa with a side of Netflix.

photo of bottle of richmond plains syrah


1. Richmond Plains Syrah

“Impress your father-in-law”

$21.99, NZ, organically certified by BioGro. 

Looking for a classy red that will impress everyone? This Richmond Plains Syrah is "full-bodied, robust and not overly sweet," according to Teva. "And, it’s delicious!" he guarantees it.



photo of bottle of mesta wine2. Mesta Tempranillo

“The perfect pizza wine!”

$15.99, Spain, organic

This is Teva’s fave ‘value option’ red. It’s a Spanish variety: fruity, juicy, and very tasty. "I had it with pizza last week, and it was perfect," Teva says. 





White wine can be made from any grape variety. Sauvignon Blanc is New Zealand’s most widely planted variety of grape.


Photo of a bottle of Villa Maria Sav, green with rose gold label

 3Villa Maria Cellar Selections Sauvignon Blanc

"A really nice Sav” 

$14.99, NZ, organically certified by BioGro. 

This is a really good example of a New Zealand Sav,” Teva says. And the officials agree! It recently won best Sauvignon Blanc in Taste Magazine Top Wines of 2017. The grapes were sourced from a BioGro certified vineyard in Marlborough’s Awatere Valley which has been operating organically since 2010.



Photo of a bottle of Momo chardonnay4. Momo Chardonnay

“Like lying by a creek in the sun”

$17.99, NZ, organically certified by BioGro. 

Chardonnays are known as being super-buttery, sweet and oakey. Most modern day chardonnays are usually a little more subtle, Teva says, like this delicious Momo Chardonnay. “It’s refined, complex and delicious,” Teva says, “And really good with food, too!”



Phoot of a bottle of brightside pinot gris

 5. Brightside Pinot Gris

"Fruity but not too sweet” 

$15.99, NZ,  organically certified by Assurequality

This is our Corporate Services Manager Lucy's absolute favourite wine. "It's good for people who are looking for something a bit fruity, but who don't necessarily want a sweet wine," Teva says. 

"It can be pleasant on it's own, but I find it's a great accompaniment to spicy food - like Thai!"





photo of bottle of Lothlorien Feijoa Wine

6Lothlorian Medium Feijoa Wine 

“Perfect for breakfast celebrations” 

$17.99, NZ, organically certified by BioGro. 

It’s unusual,” Teva says. “You do have to like feijoas though.” This Lothlorian Feijoa Wine tastes fresh and fruity and has a low alcohol content. “It’s great if you want a treat but want to feel good the next day,” says Teva. Perfect for birthday breakfast celebrations or Christmas morning.



cnz11 blanc de noir richmond plains nelson 17. Richmond Plains Blanc de Noir

Teva's Top Pick

$19.99, NZ, organically certified by Assurequality. 

‘Blanc de noir’ literally means ‘white from black’, describing a light wine made from black grapes. “A winner for picnics!” Teva says, describing how its taste changes as it warms. Chilled, it ticks all the boxes for white wine lovers, and at room temperature it presents red characteristics. 



Photo of bottle of Momo rose wine

 8. Momo Rosé 

"You can't go wrong with a Rosé!" 

$19.99, NZ, organically certified by BioGro. 

Teva loves a good rosé, as will most people. "They're meant to be crowdpleasers!" Teva says. "I like them all, but if I had to pick a favourite, I'd choose this Momo." It's a mid-priced delicate example of a rosé. "The fruit really pops and it's really fresh!" Teva says.


Have we missed out your favourite bottle? We'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions for wine novices. Email us at with your top organic wine picks.