Healthy Dog Food: Halina's 3 Top Picks for Canine Cuisine

21 April 2017

Meet Flossie: the latest addition to our Commonsense family! She may be great with customers, but her shelf-stocking skills still need a bit of work... Flossie’s arrival got us thinking more about dogs and what they eat: how can you tell if you’re feeding your dog high quality food that doesn’t cost the earth? We’ve asked our resident dog expert, Halina Black, for some tips and suggestions. But first, a bit more about Flossie...

A photo of Flossie, a small brown dog, running happily over a lawn Photo of Jim and Flossie sitting outside a house

Flossie: the newest (and most possibly most enthusiastic) addition to our Commonsense family

Our co-founder Jim with Flossie

 Florence Sherbert Brown

Florence Sherbet Brown (Flossie for short), is a relatively recent arrival to the household of our founders Marion Wood and Jim Kebbell. According to Marion, she does not lack popularity.   “I really need to divide her into four Flossies,” Marion says, “so there is one for each grandchild. Then my life would be much simpler!

Flossie is a hypo-allergenic Cocker Spaniel poodle mix, a ‘spoodle’, or as our Corporate Trainer Lydia calls her, a 'cockapoo'! 


Photo of Halina holding a bag of Addiction Dog Food

Halina holding her pick of the bunch: Addiction Salmon Bleu! 

Halina: our resident dog devotee! 

Halina Black is the Assistant Manager at our Lower Hutt Store. She will have been with the team for four years in June 2017. She loves the variety of her work, along with the customers and the staff she works with.

Halina is also the proud owner of Honey, Manu and Sasha: two dogs and a puppy!

I love dogs because they make me laugh,” Halina says. “They’ve just got such unique personalities”

Halina is passionate about sourcing dog food that’s healthy for them and the earth. “Essentially, dogs are wolves that humans have domesticated,” she says. “They have specific dietary needs. Prevention is better than the cure. We should be giving our dogs what we think is the best option for them.”

That’s why Commonsense stocks a number of high-quality free-range dog food products. Halina’s favourites are as follows:


photo of a bag of Salmon Bleu Addiction dog food1. Addiction

Addiction is a freeze-dried holistic pet food made right here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Halina is a huge fan. “All of my dogs have been on this for all of their lives,” she says. And she’s not the only Addiction enthusiast out there. In fact, it was voted ‘world’s best dog food’ by the Whole Dog Journal.

Addiction is grain-free, hypo-allergenic and free from artificial additives, colourings and preservatives. Halina has found the range really useful for keeping a great coat and helping with weepy eyes, rashes and skin problems.  Addiction also make 'MEGA' variety, which is a really good option for larger dogs. 

It’s the one my dogs have chosen,” Halina says. “They have the Salmon Bleu every day. I usually buy the 15kg sack. It works out really cost-effective for me.

Our Kapiti store stocks Canine Caviar, another freeze-dried holistic pet food, made in the USA. 


photo of a can of Primal chicken & vegetable dog food 2. Primal Dog Food

Halina’s dogs eat Primal Food every morning.

I find Primal the best of the canned foods on offer,” says Halina. “Ideally, I would love to cook for [my dogs] myself, but this is the next best option.”

Primal dog food is grain-free with high meat content, made in Aotearoa New Zealand with local ingredients and no preservatives.


 photo of a bag of organix dog food3. Organix Dog Food

Organix dog food is made in the USA and contains no corn, soy or wheat. Halina doesn’t use Organix herself, but says it’s a great option if you’re looking for a good quality product that contains organic ingredients.




Do your dogs love Addiction as much as Halina’s do? We’d love to hear your feedback or thoughts. We’re also open to receiving photos of cute dogs! Send them our way at