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Your Commonsense Guide: Flours & Grains A-Z

23 July 2015

Looking for only gluten free options?  See our Gluten Free Flours and Grains A-Z...

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Sprouting Guide for Seeds & Grain Grasses

19 October 2014

Sprouts are delicious, rich in nutrients and easy to grow.  A wide variety of seeds and beans can be sprouted.  Some common ones are:..

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Supergreens: Wheatgrass, Barleygrass, Chlorella or Spirulina?

22 August 2014

Although wheatgrass is made from wheat, it is gluten free, safe for those with coeliac disease, and it is similar to eating dark green vegetables.  Wheatgrass is low calorie and packed full of nutrients, making it a high density, nutrient rich food.  It contains many minerals, amino acids, B vitamins,.....

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Your Commonsense Guide: Cooking Beans, Grains & Legumes

6 May 2014

Beans and grains are a necessary and nutritious part of our diet.  We've created a guide to soaking and cooking times for most of the beans and grains sold at Commonsense.  You can find the printed version in store - stick it to your fridge for easy reference!..

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Your Commonsense Guide: Sugars & Sugar Substitutes

12 March 2014

Everyone wants a bit of sweetness in their lives. From natural cane sugar, to Lucuma powder to xylitol, Commonsense has got you covered! ..

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A Guide to Safer House Cleaners

You may have noticed a growing number of household cleaning products on the market which claim to be ‘environmentally friendly’.   This sounds like great news but unfortunately all detergents are a burden on the environment in one way or another.   In fact there is no such thing as a completely.....

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