Boomerangs and Borrow Bags - Our pledge to eliminate single-use shopping bags in our stores.

30 November 2017


Banning the bag

As we look around us we see that plastic is choking our oceans, littering our world and finding its way into the air we breathe and the food we eat. Our shopping bags have been plastic free for over 10 years and we’re always thinking about what more we could be doing to reduce waste in our stores. We charge 20c for our corn-starch bags as an incentive for customers to bring their own. But even corn starch bags aren’t good enough as they require commercial composting to break down and many of them end up in the landfill where this doesn’t happen.  This is why we’re phasing out ALL single use shopping bags. To help us with this process, we have partnered with Boomerang Bags – who have graciously donated us some bags and Trade Aid from whom we have bought natural fiber jute bags. 

Fewer single use shopping bags creates a win-win-win situation – a win for the landfills and the oceans, a win for our customers and a win for fair trade reusable bags.


We won’t see you stuck!

We are aware that big change tends to happen slowly and we want to make this transition as easy on our customers as possible.

Here are your usual options when shopping with us:

  • Bring your used plastic bags or reusable bags
  • Use one of our cardboard boxes
  • Purchase a reusable bag from us
  • Use one of our paper bags

If none of these options suit you, you are welcome to use a Boomerang or Borrow Bag which you can later return to us.


Let’s take this step together

We know this may be a little hard to adjust to at first and we are prepared for some initial growing pains. But we want to challenge the culture around the disposable nature of shopping today. We know that our customers care about the environment and that many of you work hard to reduce your waste. Our goal is to work alongside our customers to help us all make better buying choices.