Healthy Kids and Babies

Keeping our Kids Clean without chemicals

26 July 2016

The good news is that children’s bodies are really good at taking care of themselves – just add water!  Soap can dry out young skin and should be limited to hand washing. Their hair doesn’t need washing often – once a fortnight is plenty – and the rest can generally.....

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Organic Lunchbox Ideas

31 May 2016

Most parents know the struggle of packing as much nutrition into their kids’ lunchboxes as possible, while still making sure that what’s packed is actually eaten. Luckily here at Commonsense Organics we have a large variety of yummy things that we're pretty sure your kids will love, but are also.....

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Supporting Porirua School Gardens

14 January 2016

Recently our managers visited a number of school gardens in Porirua that Commonsense Organics are proud to support.  The lovely Alicia Rich showed us fruit and vege plantings across Cannons Creek that she helps coordinate as part of the Porirua School Gardens Scheme, an organisation established to support and guide local initiatives...

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How to Introduce Food to Babies Under 12 Months

10 October 2014

Establishing a healthy framework for your child’s diet is one of the most important things you can do to support your child’s growth and development.  It will have an impact on their health for the rest of their lives...

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What Are We Feeding Our Kids? The School Food Issue As It Stands Now

24 September 2014

This Campbell Live piece from 2012 showed the difference between the packed lunches of decile 1 and 10 school pupils, and that difference is shocking.  The poverty of many New Zealand families and communities is directly shown in the number of Kiwi kids who come to school hungry and stay hungry.....

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Amber Teething Necklaces

18 September 2014

Like many other resins, stones, gems and metals, amber has a long history of traditional use based on its physical and metaphysical qualities.  Wearing Baltic amber in the form of a necklace is a traditional European remedy for teething babies, where it has also been used as a general curative.....

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How to Get Kids Eating Healthy Food

23 November 2013

An adorable little girl I know used to love zucchinis.  LOVE them.  We had to spell the word out rather than say it just so we could plan the weekly shopping without her getting over-excited.  So why when she hit 5 did she push these away and instead plead for.....

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How to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

12 September 2013

Eating well before conception, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding can have a long term positive effect on the health of your baby.  In addition to a wide variety of organic fresh produce and dry goods we also stock supplements, oils and herbal remedies designed specifically for use before and during.....

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Growing Great Kids

12 July 2013

The most precious resource is our kids. They deserve the very best start in life. We have put together a number of articles to help you with pregnancy and early years health and nutrition, please explore the Healthy Kids and Babies section of our blog to learn more...

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