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Long-distance 101: ten healthy tips for running newbies

6 February 2017

New to long-distance running? We all want to keep ourselves healthy, but if you're new to running it can be hard to know where to start…..

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Winter Health Guide - Boost Immunity, Beat the Cold!

17 May 2016

Give yourself a fighting chance against infection this winter by following this immunity boosting guide! It's amazing how much you can fortify your body against infection by making a few simple changes to your diet and lifestyle. ..

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Staying Well in Winter: How to Boost Your Immunity

19 July 2015

During cold months it's important to think about boosting immunity to prevent infections and stay energised and healthy.  There are many immune supportive measures now available, but improving your diet and lifestyle is the most important starting point...

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Psyllium - A Gentle, Natural Laxative

14 October 2014

Psyllium husk is the powdered seed of the plant Plantago psyllium.  It has been used traditionally in Chinese, Western and Ayurvedic medicine...

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