Our Online Store Refresh – With All Your Favourites!

27 April 2017

Drumroll please… we’re delighted to announce we have completed a huge update of our Online Store! Our Merchandise Manager Teva has spent several weeks working his way through all our products, and we are very happy with the results. Take a look for yourself and find your favourite products! To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of 10 fantastic products that you might not know we sell online.

Never used our online store before? Here’s everything you need to know.

Photo of a 30 dollars fruit box

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Photo of a bar of Pana chocolate 1. Chocolate!

Chocolate is a very important food group here at Commonsense. We’ve got all cocoa-eventualities covered: vegan, raw, an everyday basic, even a bar with our founders on it! But whatever the variety, our chocolate is always fair trade and always contains organic ingredients. ‘Nuff said.



photo of a pack of natural abundance coconut milk powder2. Coconut Milk Powder

Looking for a dairy-free alternative to milk powder? We have just the thing! Whether you’re going on a road-trip with some vegan mates, or camping with lactose-intolerant kids, Natural Abundance Coconut Milk Powder is an easy and delicious alternative.



Sixth Sense Coffee23. Coffee

In small-town Aotearoa? If you’re missing your favourite organic fair trade beans, our online store is here to help! We’ve got a magical fair trade, organic, living wage coffee, a cost-effective Commonsense brew, decaf for the caffeine-challenged, and instant coffee for the time-poor. We're all for coffee-equality. 



Photo of pukka love tea4. So much tea!

Okay, it’s probably not surprising that we sell organic tea on our online store. But you may be surprised at the sheer amount on offer. We’ve got everything from Sleepy Tea, to Detox Tea to the absolutely beautiful Pukka tea.



photo of Explore LACK BEAN SPAGHETTI 200g5. Gluten-free protein pastas

Never tried pasta made from black beans, edamame, red lentil or mung beans? You’ve never lived! These packs of pasta from Explore Asia are a god-send for gluten-free humans everywhere. They also pack a punch in the protein department. See our whole online range of pastas here.



Photo of a bag of himalayan pink salt6. Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt is a natural source of more than 84 minerals and trace elements. We stock fine salt, rock salt, and a shaker from Himalayan Harvest, who are certified organic!



photo of a mooncup in a box 7. Menstrual Cups

On the hunt for a menstrual cup but lacking local stockists? We sell Size A and Size B Mooncups online.  New to menstrual cups? Why not read our very honest blog post on whether using a Mooncup can really change your life.



Photo of a jar of misomite 8. Misomite

Addicted to Marmite but want to avoid yeast and sugar? Urban Hippie Misomite is a delicious yeast-free alternative to your favourite savoury spread. It’s also made right here in Aotearoa New Zealand.



CSP wholemeal spelt flour 1kg9. So many flours

Are you a low-gluten baker or kitchen experimenter? We have a big bunch of flours for you to choose from, including white spelt, wholemeal spelt, buckwheat, brown rice, coconut and tapioca. Whether you're into buckwheat-crusted tarts, paleo petit fours or you're simply a creative cake-maker, we have just the thing



Photo of a Wellness Support Gift pack

10.Wellness Support Giftpack

Does someone you care about need some extra TLC?  Whether you live near or far, this Wellness Support Gift Pack is a simple way to send them some serious get-well vibes. It contains two Good Green Stuff sachets, an Arnica Weleda Oral Spray and a raw Mint Pana Chocolate Bar (because chocolate always helps!).



Have you taken a look at our Online Store 2.0? We'd love your feedback. Email us at hello@commonsenseorganics.co.nz to share your thoughts.