Movie Making with Loren Taylor

28 February 2014

Did you know that Loren Taylor used to work at Commonsense?  A few years before you enjoyed her performance in the sleeper hit Eagle vs Shark you could have come in and asked her where the maca powder was.

In 2011 she returned to the Commonsense floor to help us with this video. 


The Dominion Post Business Awards

That year all finalists were asked to produce a video for the ceremony.  We were finalists for the Green Award, and we were lucky enough to have fantastic filmmakers in our extended Commonsense whanau.

Award-Winning Filmmakers & Toothbrushing Pot Plants

Local Wellington creatives volunteered their time and skills for the project.  Paul Ward ("Choice Night") penned the script.  Loren was our lovely leading lady, Mark Albertson ("Shopping", "The Six Dollar Fifty Man") directed the shoot, and a few of our Wakefield store staff filled in the gaps.  Take a look below to see how it all turned out!  


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