Where to Eat in Wellington If...

1 February 2017

Looking for a Wellington eatery that offers organic, gluten free, vegetarian/vegan, free range or local food? 

For many of us, food restrictions can make eating out a bit of a challenge. Whether for ethical or health reasons, we get loads of customers asking for recommendations for cafes and restaurants that will fit their specific dietary needs. That's why we've created (and updated!) the following list of suggestions from our staff, customers and wider community.


Organic, local & vegan: Boquita is one of our favourites!



These establishments take pride in offering one or more organic ingredients in their food and/or drinks. We may be biased, but we think this is some of the tastiest nosh in the Windy City, hands down:  


Gluten Free

Gluten free food is becoming increasingly popular, but we think these eateries do a stand-out job of offering tasty alternatives to wheat, rye, oats and barley:


Vegetarian & Vegan

Wellington is one of the easiest locations in the country for plant-based people to dine out. From wholeheartedly herbivorous to very vege-friendly, here are some of our absolute favourite eateries that offer good vege and vegan options: 



Wellington has some excellent eating spots for ethical omnivores. The following eateries offer one or more type of free range animal products, such as eggs, pork or chicken.



Local Food

Eating local is all about increased wellbeing, less carbon emissions and enhanced community. It also tastes incredible. Need proof? Look no further than the following cafes and restaurants that offer local products and ingredients on their menus:


Have we left out your favourite restaurant, or have details changed for one of our existing favourites? We’d love to include it: head over to Facebook or send us a quick email. Happy eating!

Please note: While this info is correct at the time of publishing, menus and supply of ingredients can change rapidly. Before your visit please do confirm that the eatery in question can meet your needs.