Water Filters

27 February 2015

Drinking water is one of the most important, basic things we can do for every day good health.  Why wouldn't you ensure you're drinking the best possible?

water filters
How clean is your water?

Do you really need a water filter in New Zealand?

As proud as we are of Aotearoa we know she isn't exactly 100% pure as the posters tell us.  Pollution from agriculture, industry and residences have harmed our country and unfortunately our drinking water hasn't got away clean.

According to a recent Ministry of Health report the water that flows from Kiwi taps can contain: 

  • e-coli
  • cryptosporidium
  • giardia
  • chlorine
  • fluoride
  • arsenic (which exceeded government levels in the 2012-2013 supplies of up to 124,000 Kiwis)
  • faeces
  • metal from pipes (something which the NZ government has no standards for despite our 'soft' water being known for removing metal from our pipes.  Citizens are merely advised to "flush their taps before drawing water for consumption").


How do water filters help?

Given H2O is one of our most important and reliable detoxers, let's not undo its potential great work by allowing nasties in.

Good filters add in what your body needs that the treatment process of lesser filters can remove.  Minerals like calcium and magnesium get added back into the water as it's filtered.  They also balance the water's pH level (important for maintaining healthy acidity for a wide range of health concerns).

Water filters are also environmental champions (think of all those plastic water bottles they save!) and hydration champions.  If you've got litres of great-tasting water in your fridge or on your benchtop think how much more of it you're going to drink?

Which water filter should I get?

As with all our products, our water filters get thoroughly checked out before they make it to our shelves. If they're not good enough for our families, then they're not good enough for you.  Plain and simple.

You may have noticed all our stores have Waters filters available for customer and staff use.  On our shelves you'll find a range of Waters filters (which many of us have in our homes).

  • the 5L and 10L bench top models
  • the 1.5L jug filter perfect for the home or office 
  • the 600ml portable filter bottle for on the go 


Prefer to purchase a filter in store at Commonsense Organics? Give your local store a ring to check availability.