Organic Lunchbox Ideas

31 May 2016

Most parents know the struggle of packing as much nutrition into their kids’ lunchboxes as possible, while still making sure that what’s packed is actually eaten. Luckily here at Commonsense we have a large variety of yummy things that we're pretty sure your kids will love, but are also organic, healthy and nourishing - providing long-lasting energy to keep young minds sharp in class without all of the added chemicals!


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Explore Asian Mung Bean and Edamame fettucine: obviously this fettucine is delicious cooked as pasta, but it’s also very yummy raw snapped into pieces and used as a crunchy snack. And so quick for busy parents on the go! If your kids can get over the green colour, these are so tasty and nutritious.

Serious Sea Salt Popcorn: the snack size of the Serious popcorn is perfect for a kid to whip out at morning tea. They’re healthy, yummy and a much better alternative to popcorn made with artificial flavouring. The popcorn comes from the Hawke’s Bay and is certified organic, gluten free and dairy free.

Gobble Organic Sun Muscat Raisins: a nice treat to add to your kids' lunch sometimes, these raisins are 100% organic and grown under the hot Australian sun. The Muscat variety of grape is seedless and has an extra sweet taste.

Annies Vegetable and Fruit Bar: an awesome alternative to artificially flavoured fruit roll-ups that are super high in sugar content – these bars are entirely made with dried fruit and vegetable pulp (it tastes a lot yummier than it sounds). 

Ceres Brown Rice Cakes:  these are made with 100% organic Jasmine brown rice that's grown in Thailand – it’s also processed in Thailand’s only organic mill! These cakes are very yummy and have no added synthetic preservatives, artificial flavouring or MSG – and taste wonderful with peanut butter.


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Ceres Black Rice Crackers: again, the rice in these crackers is organically grown, wholegrain Jasmine black rice; they've got much more fibre than the typical white rice crackers, but they still have that delicious crunch to them.

Make-your-own organic scroggin: with our 100% organic bulk-bins you can make your kids scroggin exactly the way they like it!

Cheese, Carrot and Mountain Bread Wraps: this is just grated carrot and cheese wrapped up in some delicious Mountain Bread – a paper thin bread that’s dairy free and vegan. These are a yummy, colourful addition to any lunchbox, and very quick and easy to make. 


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