Free and Easy Christmas Wreath!

5 December 2017


This zero waste, elegant wreath is simple to make and harmless on the environment. For this, we used an old coat hanger, and collected toetoe which had fallen along the side of the road and pine cones on the forest floor.


Grainnes Wreath


You will need:

A metal coathanger

String or wire

Wire cutters (or scissors will probably do)

Dried grasses (or any plants you would like to use)

Decorations – Pinecones, flowers, any flourishes you’d like to add!


Wreath tools smaller



  1. Bend your coat hanger into a  circle and break/cut the top of the hanger off (mine came off simply by bending it – Watch out for the sharp ends!
  2. Tie the two ends of the coat hanger together to form a full circle.
  3. Begin to tie your grasses along by tying the stem to the hanger (pictured below). Then tie the middle of the stem to the hanger so that it follows around in a circle.
  4. Simply repeat this step, tying the next stem tucked under the tip of the last one.
  5. When your wreath is full, decorate with any additions you wish! 


Wreath hand smaller