Fair Trade Fortunes: Your Foodie Horoscope for August 2017

13 July 2017

Fair trade is at the core of our business: it's one of the three main Commonsense values. It's Fair Trade Fortnight from the 4th to the 17th of August 2017, so we're celebrating everything fair trade.

This year we're holding a free Fair Trade Fortnight Film & Discussion event on Wednesday 9th of August, along with great fair trade specials, online competitions and in-store hamper giveaways. Take a look at the Fair Trade City Wellington website for a full list of what's on this Fair Trade Fortnight in Wellington. 

Do you love fair trade as much as we do? Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this August! From All Good to Wellington Chocolate Factory, each star sign is correlated with one of our favourite fair trade goodies. 


Fair Trade Zodiac


a bunch of All Good organic fair trade delicious bananas

Aries – All Good Bananas

Dear Aries, you are Aotearoa’s favourite fruit this month! You are full of charm, very flexible and extremely popular. All Good Bananas are the first fair trade and organically grown bananas in New Zealand. We LOVE them. Take any bends in your stride this August. You are the golden child. Everyone’s just... errr… bananas about you.



Taurus – All Good Gingerella

Oh, beautiful bull, this month you are a crazy cocktail of power and peace. Like Gingerella, you are fighting for justice. When night falls, no multinational agro-chemical companies will be left standing. You’ve got the fieriness of organic Sri Lankan ginger with the sweetness of fair trade sugar. Get the balance right, and nothing will stop you this August!



Gemini – Kokako Drinking Chocolate

It’s 6am on a Thursday morning. You’ve woken up early to greet the day, and now, mug of Kokako Drinking Chocolate in hand, you’re writing in your journal while listening to the Tui chirrup in the trees outside the kitchen window. This August will focus on home comforts for you, Gemini. Like a proud Kokako, you’ll be feathering your nest. 



good buzz kombucha origins

Cancer – Good Buzz Origins Kombucha 

Like our new favourite fair trade kombucha, you’ll be bringing all the good buzz to the yard this August, Cancer. And what a range of flavours: from feijoa to cold brew the choice is yours. We’re talking parties, dates, potlucks, casual-catch-ups, movie nights… anything social will put the fizz in your booch this month. Embrace the culture around you. It’s literally alive.



palestinian olive oil

Leo – Trade Aid Palestinian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Trade Aid is synonymous with fair trade in Aotearoa. But it all began as a tiny initiative in the 1970’s founded by a Kiwi couple with big dreams. The result of years of hard work and love? Trade Aid now has 28 stores around the country! This July, be like Trade Aid, Leo: make good choices, work hard on them. That’s the good oil!   



alter eco

Virgo –Alter Eco Dark Coconut Toffee Chocolate 80% 

Your sign is sometimes thought of as shy, but not this month! White chocolate? Pah! You are as strong as 80% chocolate this month, Virgo. Kick those mainstream chocolate brands to the curb and power up with Alter Eco Dark Coconut Toffee. It's fair trade and organic. Embrace the (ethical) dark side. 



Sixth Sense Coffee2

Libra – Good Fortune Sixth Sense Coffee

Put away those four-leaved clovers and horseshoes, because you don’t need ‘em, Libra! Like our favourite fair trade organic Living Wage coffee wild card, you are both mighty lucky AND social-justice-minded this month. Opportunities will come knocking at your door, and you’ll be WOKE enough to welcome them in with open arms, even if your fingers are trembling with over-caffeination.



an image of trade aid coconut milk

Scorpio – Trade Aid Coconut Milk

What’s that scent in the breeze, Scorpio? It’s the smell of freedom. Freedom from dairy, from BPA tins, from bad trading practices. All this is a tin of Trade Aid Coconut Milk. We love it. Embrace Trade Aid's Coconut Milk as your essence this August, Scorpio. You have always been a bit of a hard-shelled rebel with a cause, and this month is bringing out the best of your creamy insides. You are 100% delicious just as you are. 



Image of Trade Aid sandalwood soap

Sagittarius – Trade Aid Sandalwood Soap

You’re cleaning up this month, Sagittarius. Wash those suds off your hands because you’ll need them for COUNTING DOLLAR BILLS! <coughs> But seriously, Sagittarius, your business brain is out of bounds this August. Like Trade Aid’s sandalwood soap, you’re super functional, fragrant and ethical. 



image of wellington chocolate factory bougainville bar

Capricorn – Wellington Chocolate Factory Bougainville Bar

Did you know Wellington Chocolate Factory did this really cool thing where they sailed 10,000 miles on a traditional pacific voyaging canoe to bring cocoa beans over from Bougainville? This August, Capricorn, you’re like the WCF 70% single origin Bougainville Bar: the waves are sometimes high, but you’ve got the skills, the grace and the sheer determination to sail right on through.


A photo of Lemmy Lemonade

Aquarius – All Good Lemmy Lemonade

Life's given you lemons? Better check they're organic...  Lemmy Lemonade is the real deal: made from organic lemons and fair trade sugar. Those kids on the sidewalk of your street got nothing on this! Your August should be simple and sweet, Aquarius, just like Lemmy Lemonade. Keep it karmically delicious BUT don’t take too many risks. 



nice block raspberry

Pisces – Raspberry Lemonade Nice Blocks

The word ‘nice’ has a bit of a bad rap. Not Nice Blocks though… they’re great! They’re fair trade AND they taste amazing. This August, Pisces, be like Nice Blocks. Try to be as KIND as possible while still doing the work you know you’ve got to do. You don't need to be a pushover, but do try to go with the (frozen) flow as much as possible.


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