Autumn Gardening Guide

2 April 2014

What to do in the Garden in Autumn

Autumn in the garden is a time for replenishing the soil: adding compost, mulch and fertilizer after the Summer crops have used up nutrients.  It is also the time to be planting out your crops for eating early next Spring.  In the deepest part of Winter nothing grows much at all, but if you get your plantings in now they will have grown enough to see themselves through Winter and will quickly grow again as the days get longer.



Vegetables to Plant in Autumn

All brassicas i.e. broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale and cavolo nero.  By now the cabbage butterfly is winding down for winter so, bar a few stragglers hanging around on sunny days, plants should be safe from being chewed up - but keep an eye out for them.  Protect using EcoStore Slug and Snail, it is a safe and very effective way to protect your plants.

Beetroot. Be sure to juice the leaves, or eat the baby leaves in your salads, they are very nutritious. 

Lettuce can be planted all year round to keep a continuous supply going, and if you have the space, let a few lettuce go to seed as all the good bugs feed off the nectar.

Other Autumn staples are carrots, celery, leeks, onions and spring onions, parsnips, spinach, radish and peas.


Autumn Garden Clean Outs

If you are having an Autumn clean out like I do, pile all the garden waste into the compost bin.  The finished compost can be spread on the garden in Spring to feed the next season’s crop.  I use lots of fish and seaweed to heat up the pile.

Getting Nitrogen in Your Soil

Plant out a green crop where you have room.  Green crops add nitrogen and organic material to your garden, my favorites are broad beans, peas and lupins.  Peas and broad beans have the added value of being edible, and lupins are inexpensive and easy to grow.  In Spring, either put all green crops into the compost or dig into the garden to rot down and feed the soil.  


Written by Catherine Collins, a gardening guru and recent Commonsense team member.  Check out our range of gardening supplies online and in store.

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