Your Fad Food Horoscope for 2017

29 December 2016

Wondering what 2017 has in store for you? Well wonder no more, we have searched the skies and come up with some exclusive horoscopes... with a twist! Read on to find out what fad food will align with your star sign in the next twelve months.


 Aries - Tiger Nuts 


Tiger nuts are fresh off the fad food wagon here at Commonsense, but they have been around for AGES! In fact, an extinct hominin Paranthropus boisei, the "Nutcracker Man", apparently survived almost exclusively on tiger nuts. Fascinating. Anyway, these edible tubers are a great metaphor for you in the coming year, Aries. Like a tiger nut, 2017 will feel fresh and experimental, but remarkably stable and traditional at the same time.  



Taurus – Bone Broth


For the first six months of the year you will be simmering like a pot of bone broth on the stove. Your perseverance and hard work will be inspiring. And then, when the simmering is done, all the bone broth bounty will be yours: metaphorical collagen, figurative gut healing, symbolic anti-inflammatory goodness! And in the last 6 months of 2017, Taurus, a hearty brew of romance, fun and excitement will be get right to your very marrow.



Gemini – Maca


Maca is your touchstone for 2017, Gemini. It's renowned for being a source of energy, and asserting yourself, authentically and appropriately, is going to be a big focus for you in 2017. Your appreciation of work, friendships and travel will expand and your… ahem… ‘lust for life’ will skyrocket. Enjoy responsibly, Gemini!




Cancer –Milk Thistle

 CancerOut with the old, in with the new! Just like Milk Thistle, 2017 we be about detoxing – body, mind and soul. Letting go of what’s not needed leaves you open to create what you DO need. As a result, you will take more responsibility for yourself and others.  This is a place of power, Cancer! Your creative expression, home life and your ethics will all grow in magnitude this year. Milk it for all its worth.




Leo – Raw Cacao


 Whittaker’s? Cadburys? Lindt? Leave it at the door. You are so much more: you are raw cacao, Leo. Your authentic self may make others uncomfortable at times, but the cost is more than worth it. In 2017 you will be expressing your true essence. don’t waste your mind and attention on people who can’t handle your genuine amazingness. They want white chocolate? Pfft! Let the haters hate: You are real and raw and intense, and all the better for it.



Virgo – Turmeric


Did you know that turmeric is not a root? It’s a rhizome. True story. Regardless, turmeric is a good spirit vegetable for you this year, Virgo. 2017 will be all about deep connections, whether it’s putting down roots, spreading them, or visiting your whenua papatipu.  Your connection to your health, home and hearth will make the broth of life as vivid as a turmeric latte, and just as healthy. Cheers!




Libra – Coconut Oil

 LibraIt wasn’t that long ago that coconut oil was centre stage. Now it’s just hanging in the wings, a grocery aisle regular. Just because something’s not NEW, doesn’t mean it’s not special and worthwhile. Like coconut oil, 2017 will be quiet year of growth and goodness for you, Libra: a time of learning, people-watching and enjoying tiny adventures close to home.




Scorpio – Cauliflower


Remember when cauliflower was just a somewhat boring side dish? One day it was “not you again,” and then suddenly, BAM! Cauliflower pizza! Cauliflower rice! Cauliflower everything! Like the humble cauliflower, your time to shine is coming, Scorpio. But not until October. Until then, be patient and prudent, confident that your brassica glory is on its way.




Sagittarius – Matcha


 Apparently the ‘calm energy’ you get from drinking matcha results from its potent mix of caffeine and theanine, an amino acid analogue. This 2017, Sagittarius, you will be ceremonial grade matcha. Make grand plans! Follow opportunities for romance and adventure! Use that calm energy to study and learn! 2017 is the year that you become the master of your life. Or mistress. Or non-gendered pro. Savour it.



Capricorn - Kefir


Like kefir, 2017 will be a lot about well-being for you, Capricorn. All those probiotic microorganisms are a great metaphor for how you will be looking after yourself. You need to keep yourself healthy and well to achieve those important goals! Your big plans will come to fruition in 2017, just let yourself ferment for a while longer. 




 Aquarius – Moringa


You are a superfood that not many people know about, and that’s not a bad thing. In 2017 your work-life will grow like a Moringa plant: fast and incredibly nutrient dense. You will have the ability to nurture the people around you, both in public and private. Spread those leaves in the sun, Aquarius!




Pisces – Chia


 2017 will be a visceral, intense year for our beautiful fishes, particularly in regards to love, work and health. But, like chia, you have the power to change your fate from unassuming seed to gelatinous paste. You are full of more vitamins and minerals than you first appear! You are ancient medicine, catalyst and religious offering all in one! If you prioritise actions that ground you, you will be able to give as good as you get this coming year. Bring it on.