Your Quick Guide to Paleo-Friendly Groceries

25 June 2015

Paleo eating is growing in popularity in New Zealand, but finding paleo-friendly products can still be hard.  So we've done the work for you and written up a list of some of our favourite paleo-friendly groceries.  Our online shop also has a Paleo section - check it out. We'd also love to hear your suggestions, email us at 


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Your Paleo-Friendly basics


Paleo-friendly alternatives 

Feel like you're missing out by eating Paleo? Below are some paleo-friendly option to replace the textures, flavours and uses you're looking to replace. 







Sweetener options: 

Carbohydrate options: 

Breakfast options:


Savoury snack options: 

  • kale chips
  • nuts and seeds (excluding peanuts) 
  • paleo bread with seed or nut butters (excluding peanut butter)

Sweet snack options:


Protein powders:


Coffee alternatives: 



Most alcohols contain grains or are processed by ingredients including dairy.  However, we do stock a variety of dairy-free wines in store (look for the "vegan" note on the shelf).

Oil options: 

Sauces options: 

Many sauces may contain sugar, artificial nasties or non-paleo oils, so we’ve included some tasty options for quick bursts of flavour:


Seasoning options: 


Head over to the Paleo section and explore more tasty options. Have we left our your favourite paleo product? Please let us know by emailing us at