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No Sugar-Coating: My Real-Life 'I Quit Sugar' Diary

Posted by Liz Willoughby-Martin on 3 April 2017

I was brought up on sugar. My bones are made from Angel Delight and hokey pokey. My veins are filled with plum crumble and raspberry liquorice sticks. Sugar is my life-force. That’s why I chose to give it up. ..

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Gluten Free Flours & Grains A-Z

23 August 2015

New to gluten free eating, or want to expand your diet?  Below is a list of gluten free grains and flours with their flavour, uses and tips for baking with them...

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A Guide to Dairy Free Alternatives

14 August 2015

Whatever your reason for being dairy-free, it can be hard to find safe options. This guide is designed to help you fill your pantry with dairy free products available online and at our stores...

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Your Quick Guide to Paleo-Friendly Groceries

25 June 2015

Paleo eating is growing in popularity in New Zealand, but finding paleo-friendly products can still be hard.  So we've done the work for you and written up a list of some of our favourite paleo-friendly groceries.  Our online shop also has a Paleo section - check it out...

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Are Oats Gluten Free?

12 March 2014

We are often asked by our customers if oats can be gluten free (we do stock "wheat free" oats, it can be a confusing topic!)  So we did some research and have come up with the following information:..

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