10 Truly Romantic Original Gifts for this Valentine’s Day

8 February 2018

Valentine’s day is often knocked for being a day invented by greeting card companies to make money and shame single people. But we like to see it as a day of love - love for a partner, but also for your friends, family, neighbours and strangers. And we say why not take the opportunity to spread a little love when we can?


Valentines Day Beetroot Heart6


Here are 10 original ideas for valentine’s day gifts (for anyone special in your life).

Buy her flours!

(This is not a typo) Find a recipe for something delicious, grab some paper bags at our bulk bins, fill them with baking ingredients and plan a romantic baking session together. You’ll have fun, connect, create something and you’ll end up with cake, what more could you want?

Start a life together!

Buy seedlings, seeds and fertiliser and grow some herbs or vegetables together – it will prove your commitment, your ability to look after yourself (by growing your own food – who needs shops? Not you!) and your love for nature. Just watch your significant other swoon as you create something beautiful (and edible!) from a tiny seed. We stock everything you need to start and maintain you garden, from seeds to garden tools to compost. We even have free pallets you can use to build vegetable boxes with!

Create your own perfume!

Beyoncé isn’t the only person who deserves to have a smell named after her. Ask one of our lovely naturopaths for advice on creating a signature scent out of our wide selection of essential oils. Use a carrier oil like almond or jojoba and find a mixture of fragrances which suit your lucky one.


If there’s anyone in the world who wouldn’t be utterly thrilled to receive an armful of avocados, we haven’t met them, and we wouldn’t care to.

Fruit Basket!

Beautiful, cheap wicker baskets are easy to find in Op Shops and they can be the perfect receptacle for a cornucopia of fruits - all organic of course! Arrange them beautifully and tie with a simple ribbon for a healthy, colourful and vibrant gift. Running low on time? Buy one of our ready-made gift hampers - perfect for a romantic picnic at the beach.


We stock several skin-enriching oils and massage balms, the perfect gift when accompanied with the promise of a candle-lit back massage. If you fancy a more practical option, buy one of our many jars of coconut oil, that way, you can use it for cooking dinner too! 

Hydrate your love!

Show them you care about their health and be an eco-warrior in the process! Buy the one you love a reusable water bottle with a little note letting them know how much their health means to you. Fill it with chocolate or wild flowers if it doesn’t seem romantic enough (just remember to wash it out before use!). We stock a wide range of water bottles starting at $19.90 for our 800ml Ecotanka Sports Bottle.

Be a tease!

Oops, we meant, buy some teas. It’s an often secret aspect of many people’s hopes and dreams to have a diverse and expansive tea selection. Instead of recycling your jars at home, collect some, wash them out and fill them with beautiful loose-leaf teas. Some cute labels, a touch of ribbon and bam, you’ve got your gift sorted. We package many varieties of tea at Commonsense and sell tea-strainers too! Fancy getting really romantic? Pick up a pack of Pukka's Love tea and get ready to put your feet up with a delicious cuppa and someone you love.

Create the world’s best iced chocolate!

The name may seem grandiose but this really is an experience worth beholding. Buy some delicious Trade Aid cocoa powder, Dandies vegan marshmallows, ice cream and dark chocolate for grating and let your inner chocolatiers take over. 

Give your heart!

Buy some heart-shaped cookie cutters from a cooking or craft store and create a beautiful meal of heart shaped delights. Heart shaped pizza, roast potatoes, beetroots, carrots, quesadillas, pancakes, sushi. If you can cook it, chances are you’ll be able to make a heart shaped version of it!


Any great suggestions we've missed? Let us know at hello@commonsenseorganics.co.nz!